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We are a group of Pokemon go players who first started this project to help us to get an Ex Raid Pass. Now we want to help the rest of Pokemon Go players to get theirs too. Eventually we hope to extend this notification to the rest of the world.

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Our notification relies on donations to pay for operation cost. Currently our server has been hit at it's maximum capacity and your kind donation would help us able to upgrade it to serve you better.

Currently scanners worldwide are closed due to new security measurements implemented by game developer. However, we are now accepting user submission of raid information and quest information in Singapore. If you wish to help us, simply download Telegram and visit our bot or look for us in our chatrooms (Main Chat Room | Quest Chat Room)

What others have to say about us

No, there's isn't much people talking about us yet. But if have any, drop us one in our chat :)


Chat Group Member

"I must mention that your scanner improve a lot now, 2 minutes before raid egg hatches can know what raid boss is that, awesome!"



Chat Group Member

Ever since I follow SG Ex Pass channels, I have never miss a mewtwo raid.....✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
(Click on above icon to see all my Mewtwos)


We will adding articles on our notifications as well as tips in getting one!

Guide: Free Personal Notification

Guide: Free Personal Notification Sections: What is Personal Notification Setup for personal notification Setup for group notification Adding Channel to the Bot Adding Filters to the Bot Using Regular Expressions in Filters Deleting Channel from Read more…

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